February 24, 2013
Disagreeing with the Oscars buzz, and everybody- Argo was not very good (spoilers)

Argo was not my cup of tea. Judge me if you want, but I just didn’t like it. With the Oscars on TV tonight, and having been on social media non-stop for the past 2 weeks, one of the main things that stood out to me is the mention of Argo.

I went to see Argo; I was genuinely excited to watch it when it came out. The trailer was great, it made you think it was going to be a crazy movie about normal people escaping from terrorists, which is something we’ve all always wanted to do since we saw The Wolverines in Red Dawn. Unfortunately, there’s a reason movies with giant explosions and action heroes will always be around (and awfully re-made), because they’re fun to watch. A movie about real people escaping the way they did in real life – essentially, a really stressful trip to the airport – is boring.

imageIs he gonna make it?! (image source)

Don’t get me wrong, the actual event is amazing, those people risked their lives to save the hostages they could, but it doesn’t make for a good movie. No matter how much dramatic music and background noise a movie has, you can’t substitute good action. The entire movie is full of trivial events with extremely dramatic and tense music. A guy is freaking out because you took a picture of him? You haven’t been able to leave a diplomat’s mansion in a couple weeks? There’s kids starving on the street literally outside your door, how are you complaining?                 


Very stressful atmosphere (image source)

The most exciting part of the movie is when airport security discovers the American hostages and chase them down while the plane is taking off.Let me clarify, the hostages are already on the plane, and the terrorists are in their cars, chasing the plane as it’s about to go into the sky. You can’t make that exciting, there’s no way the terrorists are going to run down a plane while they’re in a car. Even if they somehow could, this movie is based on true events; we already know the hostages escape.


This is the second most stressful part of the movie, could you imagine having to check all those people in?(image source)


Again, the whole incident is amazing and the people who got those hostages out are heroes, but that movie’s no fun to watch.