March 3, 2013
Make that money- this instagram account and a lot of other ones need to capitalize


One way studying advertising has changed me is that now whenever I see a new trend, technology, or art even, I try to think of how a company could make money off of it. It’s fun because it forces me to really study whatever I’m checking out, which helps me appreciate it more. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there.

My social media class has caused me to really look into instagram, and how brands use it. I think it’s the best thing that’s happened since magazine ads. If the internet is killing print, then print should move into instagram. Why do most people get magazines? Content? Maybe, but if anything it’s to flip the pages and check out cool pictures, many of which are ads. That’s why magazines are such a hit at grocery aisles, you don’t have time to read an article, but you’ll look at some pictures real quick, and if there’s enough cool ones, hell, maybe you’ll buy the magazine and actually read it.

That’s exactly why people love instagram, it offers rare, different kinds of photos that you’d normally have to jump through hoops to see. I recently read this article on Business Insider about an instagram account that’s going viral. It’s of a guy taking pictures of his girlfriend all over the world. I was very intrigued by how this could make money, he already has 85,000+ followers on instagram and the BI article has gotten over 2 million views in two days. I wanted to understand why it’s successful. Yes, the photos are amazing and the girl is very attractive, that always helps, but look at the places this photographer visits. Look at the perspective he’s offering, people are becoming fans of this account because it’s offering you a genuine-like picture of an extraordinary place.imageI highly recommend checking out the instagram account, it’s got some sweet pictures - source

Why don’t travel magazines do that? Why don’t tourism agencies hire this guy to promote their cities? He’s offering a perspective that allows you to put yourself in his shoes and make traveling to those destinations not seem like that big of a challenge. Seeing those pictures makes me believe that visiting historic places isn’t a far off reality, but something I could do if I really planned it. For people who are not yet wealthy enough to afford lavish vacations (18-33 year old millennials!) advertising of this kind could make them believe they don’t have to wait and can travel now. You might not stay at a fancy hotel or get to do lots of shopping, but traveling is still the one thing you can spend money on that will actually make you richer. Companies need to sell that.imagesource

Why do brands hire athletes to represent them, or celebrity spokespeople, it’s so their fans think:

“Michael Jordan uses that product, I wanna be like him! Using this product could bring me closer to that fantasy!”

Well you know what’s better than having a fantasy about being Michael Jordan? Having a fantasy about visiting awesome vacation spots, because that you can actually achieve, and you can take pictures, and share them. “Where do you want us to follow you?” could be a great photo contest for a brand to throw, asking people to post interesting images like these (you might get some sketchy ones though, social media team would have to regulate well).imagesource

Travelers would eat it up, and those not lucky enough to capture great locations would be forced to be creative instead, it’s a very viral idea.


I’m rambling a bit as ideas pop into my head, but what do you other people who want to make money think? Can anyone think of a better way to flush this out? Or any other ideas that could work like this one?


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