January 17, 2013

Who I is…

My name is Gustavo Quintero Lopez. Quintero is not my middle name, it’s my last name, and Lopez is my second last name. It’s set up like that because I’m from Mexico, born and raised along with the rest of my family; my dad Gustavo (the II), my mom Maria, and my two older sisters, Daniela and Dulce. You can see their awesome faces in the picture above. I moved to the US 15 years ago and have tried to have a great time ever since. I’ve had a good life, eventful and too long to explain in one post, so I’ll just mention a few things.

I love to work, I guess it’s hereditary since my dad is the hardest working person I know. That picture of me and a bunch of other people with a trophy is from a past job where I learned what it means to truly strive to succeed. I was able to open my own business and influence hundreds (seriously) of people to be the best version of themselves, which is what we’re all here for. It changed my life forever and is what gives me confidence to drive forward in everything I want to do. I’m sure I’ll explain more in the future. The other picture is of me and some of my best friends, all people who’ve shared my college years with me. Since the only family I have in the US is my immediate family, I’ve had to be good at talking to people and getting to know them quickly. This has taught me the value of true comradeship and friendship. I like to think of myself as harshly loyal, and absurdly easy to get along with; I see both those characteristics as positive.

I started this blog for an advertising (my major) class in my last semester of college, but I can see myself growing to like it. I’ll be sharing news, jokes, and insights all from my point of view. Enjoy.

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